Client Feedback

T, aged 5, a white European little girl, was referred by her father. In June 2019, he said,

“Our daughter had a trauma and was very afraid of any changes in her daily life but within 4 sessions there was a complete improvement.”

G, aged 30, a white European male, concluded in May 2019, after 10 sessions:

“EMDR has helped me to remove some feelings of shame and reduce my rumination on past experiences.”

 K, aged 41, an African Caribbean woman commented in Jan 2019, after 6 sessions related to her family’s experience of sexual abuse:

“EMDR reconnected me with myself, incorporating past trauma, but also connecting with my strengths. I can now give myself the compassion and care that I was previously only giving to others.”

B, aged 48, a white Scottish male said in August 2018, after 10 sessions, about EMDR for childhood abuse and neglect:

“Since having EMDR, I can reflect on my past without such anxiety. I can now talk to my family about it without trembling…I feel more centred and grounded. My history no longer consumes me.”

J, aged 13, a male teenager of mixed British/African heritage, was referred for help with anxiety and emotional outbursts following significant traumatic episodes in his early childhood. He was seen, in the presence of his mother, for 9 sessions between June and Oct 2017. She informed me in Nov 2018,

 “ His recent behaviour has shown what progress he has made with EMDR…he has made huge strides in his confidence and mood”. 

Then in April 2018  she contacted me to say, “I’m so pleased with his progress after the EMDR therapy, its been a great success in my opinion.”

E, aged 26, a White British young man, was seen for 6 sessions, and said in April 2018,

“I’m in a much better place than when I started EMDR…I’m not really disturbed by traumatic memories or dreams anymore and feel quite calm. I am very pleased about the progress I have made in myself in that time”.

T, aged 17, a female Albanian refugee suffering with PTSD; intrusive memories and nightmares  regarding attempted abduction; wrote in July 2017,

“I am now more able to calm myself …God brought me an angel and that is you…thanks to you I am able to see life in a more positive light!”"

Y,  aged 10, an Orthodox Jewish boy, was referred by his parents to help heal the traumas he had experienced in school, to reduce his anxiety and to develop a positive self image. He was seen, along with his parents for 12 sessions.

Y wrote in May 2017, “Thank you for all your time that you have spent with me for the last couple of months, it really helped me, and I feel that I improved.”

M, aged 18, a female of White British heritage, was the victim of childhood sexual assault and wrote in June 2016,

“Words cannot describe the help you have given me throughout this year. Thank you for helping a nightmare become only a memory. Thank you also for helping me to understand that what happened to me was not right. Thank you for helping me to become myself again”.

A, aged 18, a female of White European heritage, was seen in 2012 for her difficulties with nightmares and panic having witnessed domestic violence throughout her childhood. She wrote in 2014, some 2 years after 10 sessions of EMDR therapy had concluded,

“I am forever grateful for your help and the work we did together which helped me to feel positive about my future.”